b'966 identified as MtisAbout Indigenous Learners in LRSDThe Louis Riel School Division is proud to support more than 15,533 students in 41 schools. Here is how our self-declared2,011Indigenous learners fit in to the LRSD community:Celebrating Indigenous Culture and CommunityNumber of self-declared1,032 identified Indigenous learners in LRSD 12 LRSD schools have an Indigenous learnerin 2019-2020 as First Nationspopulation of 18 per cent or moreLRSD is committed to a renewed relationship with Indigenous learners, families, staff and the broader community.14 identified as InuitBy making significant local investments to address several of the education-specific Calls to Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, LRSD is nurturing a connection with all learners hat will help them achieve their personal and academic goals. 10According to the 2016 Census data, 11.3 per cent of the LRSD53 % 34community self-report as Indigenous.of learners at Marion School identify as IndigenousWe recognize that self-declaring as Indigenous can often be (13.6% of learners in a question of trust or feeling safe in that declaration. In theLRSD self-declare as 2019/2020 school year, 13.6 per cent of LRSD students self- Indigenous) declared as Indigenous. We continue to work towards creating environments where all people can feel comfortable and supported if or when they want to share their heritage.'