b'Our Journey ForwardWith the release of the LRSDs four-year Multi-Year Strategic Plan in 2019 that has an Indigenous inspired whole-learner approach to education as its foundation, Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitywe are committed to the strategic priorities and goals outlined in the plan. The MYSP will help us ensure our learners are thriving and our communities continue to flourish.We are also dedicated to seeing our core values come to life in our schools and community. These values include equity and reciprocity, which includes the implementation of the education-specific calls-to-action outlined by the Truth and34Reconciliation Commission. We will also continue to invest in efforts34to acknowledge, understand and reduce the impact of poverty and all vulnerabilities across the division. Inclusion and diversity are also key values that continue to inspire us to do all we can to nurture a community of learning and well-becoming for all that reflects the diverse aptitudes, abilities, identities and experiences of our ICGG Member Ed Azure communities. While the investment into these goals and values is underway in LRSD, we recognize there is still significant work to do. We know those learners who self-declare as Indigenous will be our leaders on this journey and it will be our responsibility to listen and follow their guidance.'