b'Cultural Integration SpecialistThe Cultural Integration Specialists support teachers by helping develop and facilitate a plan to integrate the Indigenous Seven Teachings into learning. These specialists also support schools by helping create projects that focus on Indigenous teachings. These projects can be for an entire classroom, different grade Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitylevels or as a school wide initiative. Projects can include land-based learning, medicine teachings and cleansing ceremonies. Other projects have included storytelling, grandfather rock/sharing circle teachings, and educating students about Orange Shirt Day. Cultural Integration Specialists can provide sessions on Mtis and First Nations songs and dances, too.1334 Racism and discrimination have changed life as the Indigenous People knew it to be in Turtle Island, but maybe not forever. Curricula can be changed and infused with Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing and being, leading to an inclusive educational system for the future. In LRSD, we have leaders who embrace this idea and challenge each other to make our community a place for all. Alana WhiteVice-principal, Marion School'