b'Chickadee Richard (Benais Quimiwin Ikwe) Thunder Rain WomanChickadee Richard is a member of the Sandy Bay First Nation and was raised near the Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitywest side of Lake Manitoba. Chickadee is a mother of three biological children, two adopted sons, grandmother of seven children and grandmother to many in the Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Chickadee has collaborated with many exceptional grassroots leaders of Indigenous communities to help make safe places for Indigenous peoples. She is a proud anishinabaa kwe who has dedicated her life to the betterment of the land, water and Indigenous communities. For many years, she has been an advocate and educator for change and justice in Manitoba and across Canada, by creatingawareness of the strength24and beauty of Indigenous culture and perspectives. Chickadee34works with people that are open and willing to change the current ways which harm the land, lakes and Indigenous peoples ways of life.'