b'Message from the ChairWith Indigenous teachings, practices,to celebrate their presence in our community. Listening to acouncil culture and language sizeable and importantmember share their knowledge and wisdom provides valuable insight, perspective and understanding. The importance of this history and Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitycomponents of our Multi-Year Strategicour commitment to the building of relationships, is articulated at the Plan, we are indeed fortunate in the Louisbeginning of all public board meetings and events. Riel School Division (LRSD) to be able toCreating this viewbook is a rely on our Indigenous Learning Teamwonderful way to celebrate, for the guidance they offer as we journeyhonour and share the contributions of a truly together in truth and reconciliation.remarkable group of individuals. Their candor, Engaging our Indigenous youth leaders, investing in communityauthenticity and honesty programming, and shining a light on the contributions of ouris not only inspiring, but6Scholar in Residence benefit all who work and learn in LRSD, asalso a valuable reminder34well as our families and greater community. of where we have been and where positive steps The LRSD Board of Trustees is particularly proud to recognizeforward will lead us.our Indigenous Council of Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Their experience, mastery and ability to nurture importantLouise Johnstonconversations are paving a path to understanding, healing andChair, Louis Riel School Division hope. One only need read the biographies of each memberBoard of Trusteesof the council to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able2018-2020'