b'14 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 15DOLLARS AND CENTSTHE 20202021 BUDGET WAS APPROVED BY THE LOUIS RIEL SCHOOL DIVISION (LRSD)LRSD BUDGET 2020-2021 EXPENSES BY FUNCTIONBOARD OF TRUSTEES ON MARCH 12, 2020. OUR LEARNERS ARE THE GREATEST ASSETS AND THE BUDGET WILL IMPACT STUDENTS POSITIVELY BY IMPROVING SUPPORTS FOR A GROWING$195,475,221 56.8 % Regular19.4 % Student Instruction Support DIVERSITY OF NEEDS AND ADDRESSING THE ONGOING CHALLENGES OF GROWING SOCIO- ServicesECONOMIC INEQUALITIES. WHERE DOES LRSDS FUNDINGOperations &% InstructionalThe budget continues to keep administration costs low and in line with the expectation of the Minister of Education. 10.6 % Maintenance 4.5 & Pupil SupportCOME FROM? Services TaxIt also dedicates funds to maintaining and improving LRSDs aging infrastructure and to increase non-instructional spaces that arent funded by the Manitoba Provincial Government. As with many businesses and organizations around theLRSD spends 84 cents of every dollar on teacher andworld, the arrival of COVID-19 had an impact on the LRSD budget as the cost to transition to a remote learning structure,non-teaching staffing while the remaining 16 cents is2.7 % Divisional2.5 % Transportationenhanced cleaning protocols and to accommodate new public health safety measures requires additional and unplannedspent on services, supplies, short term loan interest, expenditures. Also, in April 2020, an arbitration board unanimously issued the Louis Riel Teachers Association an awardAdministrationthat included retroactive and current year salary increases. Having been constrained by the unproclaimed Manitobabanking charges, and transfers to other school divisions.government Bill 28, which imposed a wage freeze on public sector members, the Board could only earmark approximately46 % Provincial41 % Local% Fiscal % Adult Learning$867,000 for wage increases. With the arbitration award, the final number is expected to be close to $8.8 million. This willFunding Property 1.8 0.2 Centresbe the first time in the divisions history that it will be faced with the possibility of an accumulated deficit. TAXES11 % Education 2 % OTHER 1.0 % Community0.5 % OTHERProperty Education & Tax Credit ServicesEXPENSES BY OBJECT78.1 % 9 % 6 % 4.6 % 2.2 % 0.1 %SALARIES Services EmployeesSupplies,TRANSFERS Short-term benefits &Materials & Loan Interest & allowances Minor Equipment Bank Charges'