b'8 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 9MESSAGE FROM SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAMTHE SUPERINTENDENTTHE SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAMVISION The 2019-2020 school year marked the first year of our Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP). As such, I had anticipated our Annual Report to the Community (ARC) would be about the progress we made towards accomplishing the boldThe SLTs vision for LRSD is one in which every person is and audacious goals that we had set out to achieve by 2023. Of course, we couldnt have anticipated the impact that(SLT) WORKS WITH MANAGERS ANDcared for morally, intellectually, physically, socially and a worldwide virus would have on our plans, or education as a whole, for that matter. Much of the school year capturedCOORDINATORS AT THE DIVISIONAL LEVEL,emotionally on their journey of learning and well-becoming. in the ARC is defined by the unprecedented situation we confronted in the spring and summer of 2020. Nothing from our collective lived experiences could have prepared us for the pandemic that impacted all of our lives. And yet,ALONG WITH PRINCIPALS AND VICE-our community showed a collective capacity, a level of caring and collaboration as extraordinary and unparalleledMISSIONas the situation we faced. Our resilience and resolve as individuals and as a community allowed us to respond to thePRINCIPALS, TO UNDERTAKE THE WORK OFThe central focus of the SLT is to nurture learning and unpredictability of the pandemic with agility and confidenceimprovisation was the order of the day. And, this agility wewell-becoming in LRSD by cultivating the conditions for have demonstrated as individuals and as a community is the quality that will see us through the coming months as weTHE LOUIS RIEL SCHOOL DIVISION (LRSD). impactful collective practice in all LRSD schools.continue to adapt to this new reality.Christian Michalik Marna KennyThe MYSP we created together back in 2018-2019 identified core values that guided our responses to the unprecedentedSuperintendent and CEO Secretary-Treasurerchallenge of a global pandemic. These goals will continue to be our roadmap for our continued efforts in 2020-2021.The four strategic priorities that frame our MYSP also frame the ARC for 2019-2020: STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1:STRATEGIC PRIORITY 2: Lisa Aitken Jennifer Hume Creating a Culture of Equity Creating a Culture of Learning Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Secretary-Treasurerand Inclusion and Well-Becoming Glenlawn Collegiate family of schoolsSTRATEGIC PRIORITY 3: STRATEGIC PRIORITY 4:Creating a Culture of Inquiry Creating a Culture of Caring Marlene Murray Clarke Haganand Responsibility and Collaboration Assistant Superintendent, Director of Information SystemsJ.H. Bruns Collegiate and NelsonIn June 2020, when I looked at national and international planning documents as inspiration for our preparednessMcIntrye Collegiate family of schoolsplanning for a return to school in 2020-2021, I was struck by how the eight big ideas that make up the four strategic priorities in our MYSP resonate in the literature. When I read the stories about our response to the pandemic, I hear the themes of our MYSP echo in the words that describe the incredible work and innovation of staff, students and familiesIrene Nordheim Steven Lawriethat have given it their all. After reading the ARC, I hope you agree that it honours that amazing collective effort. At theAssistant Superintendent, Director of Student Support Servicesheart of the stories is the notion that kindness and community have been key to our ability to thrive and flourish underDakota Collegiate and Windsor Park extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Collegiate family of schoolsYou might be wondering what insights weve gained or what lessons a pandemic has taught us since weve done more than just navigate a crisis. The answer is that its been about seeing and seeking opportunity. Its been about resilience, agility, ingenuity, and an even stronger sense of community. As we continue to rise to the challenge of the pandemic, IHenri Peloquin Charles Roberthave no doubt that we will continue to solve problems and innovate. If Im honest, I am less certain about what happensAssistant Superintendent, Director of Facilitieswhen we come out of the pandemic. When its over, what of all of our hard work and innovation? Will we build on it andCollge Bliveau and Collge Jeanne-continue to nurture what were learned? This unique time has brought out the best in all of us, so the question will be, wasSauv family of schoolsit the catalyst for positive and lasting change? Despite my initial uncertainty, my vote is yes.'