b"26 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 27SET UP FOR SUCCESSWhile many students in Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) looked forward toIm grateful for the activities that I experienced withingraduating from high school this year, a group among them were excited forthe Skills Credential because it helped me look at the big picture of what prospects are really out there in more than just their diploma. the world. Not only in the business side of my interests,A PROGRAM LIKE THE SKILLS but also the opportunities that any high school student In the 2019-2020 school year, 71 Grade 12 students make informed decisions about post-high school careers.can easily grab but are mostly ignored because ofCREDENTIAL IS IMPORTANT their reluctance to step outside their comfort zones, also earned the LRSD Skills Credential at their Earning this unique distinction gives students rsum graduation ceremonies. content, job interview skills and personal confidence. said Zeinah Dela Cruz, a graduate from Windor ParkFOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Collegiate and Applied Business Management from the Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre. I believe I struggled The LRSD Skills Credential was awarded to 17 recipientsDuring September and October, Grade 11 and 12 studentswith getting outside of my comfort zones as well, but IBECAUSE IT PREPARES at Windsor Park Collegiate; 14 at J.H. Bruns Collegiate;in every high school are invited to join a career cohortdidn't give in to it because I wanted to go out there and 12 at Collge Bliveau; 12 at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate; that organizes the LRSD Skills Credential program. make a difference. I wanted my voice to be heard. THEM FOR THE WORLD 11 at Collge Jeanne-Sauv; and one individual at Glenlawn Collegiate. The credential is a jam-packed opportunity for studentsThe Credential is a unique LRSD career program thatTHAT AWAITS THEM ONCE to explore their interests, develop new interests and augments www.myblueprint.ca, LRSD's online career In partnership with RBC Future Launch, the LRSD Skillsskills, connect with professionals and be recognizedCredential was created in the 2018-2019 school year andfor the skills they already have, said Angela Kaisser,management planner for all Grade 9 to 12 students. InTHEY GRADUATE AND STEP the 2019-2020 school year, students logged into their is a divisional career development initiative that providesteacher, Career Cohort Coach at J.H. Bruns Collegiate.online myBlueprint portfolio 21,588 times, which is above opportunities for senior high school students to considerThe credential recognizes students for their skills,average for school divisions with 10,000 to 20,000OUTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL.who they are, determine which skills they possess, assessexperiences and willingness to explore and expand students and impressive for a program thats only in its which skills theyd like to acquire, and recognize whoupon their experiences to help in the beginning phase second year of operation.values their skills outside school walls. Interest in theof carving their career path. It is an opportunity like - Ridhima Singlaprogram since its launch has continued to climb from 33no other. All students involved in the program must also prepare a students enrolled in the first year to 101 registered for theLEAN Career Design Canvas presentation to their career start of September 2020. Students must demonstrate at least eight different skillscoaches. The Canvas is a self-reflective tool that connects or attributes, such as critical thinking, financial literacythe dots of their myriad school, life and community The Credential Program offers relevant and practicalor social perceptiveness, during activities in grades 11experiences. By partnering with RBC Future Launch, workshops, experiences and partnerships designedand 12 and are given a two-year maximum to earn thestudents receive access to support and mentorship that to explore ever-evolving work and life expectations.credential. Once completed, students are awarded ahelps them in the creation, planning and implementation Self-reflection is at the core of all activities, providingframed certificate at convocation. of their goals.a foundation for students to connect the dots of their personal, school and community experiences and toA program like the Skills Credential is important for high school students because it prepares them for the world that awaits them once they graduate and step outside high school, said Ridhima Singla, a graduate fromNelson McIntyre Collegiate. It introduces you to a vast number of opportunities that helps you make a smart career choice."