b"42 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 43SHAKING UP SCHEDULES IN SCHOOLSTHIS AINT YOUR PARENTS' better in the morningthey're more focusedso thisThe longer blocks of time outdoors for students meanschange that Mark, a Grade 3 cole Provencher learner, schedule helps them stay engaged. Students in Hyneslonger blocks of prep time for our staff, said Olson.hopes is here to stay. Its way better and I never wantSCHOOL SCHEDULE. class also agree with her assessment of the new schedule.Teachers can take time for themselves, debrief andto go back to the other kind of day. I like that we dont have to stop and start a bunch ofcollaborate with one another. Weve held staff meetingsFor several learners in the Louis Riel School Divisiontimes, said Ruby, a Grade 3 student. We dont have toduring the breaks, and Ive even seen a few teachers(LRSD), the traditional school day has been shaken uprush and put our winter clothes on and off and on and off.starting to do yoga together!Also, theres more time to play with friends.and reorganized as a way to increase physical activity andShelly Hopper, principal at Lavallee School, also saw an well-being. Two schools in the division, cole ProvencherFor some learners, getting dressed for recess in theincrease in staff satisfaction. Staff were enthusiasticTHE BALANCED SCHOOLand Lavallee School, have deviated from the old schedulewinter months can be challenging and time consuming,about the change to a balanced school day. Teachers that had two 15-minute recesses and an hour for lunchespecially for younger students. With two longer recessare able to plan comprehensive lessons that are notDAY ALLOWS FOR SOin exchange for one that has three 100-minute blocksbreaks instead of three shorter ones, students are outsideinterrupted by frequent transitions and often mention of instructional time and two nutritional/fitness breaks.longer and transitions between classes are easier.As onethat the days actually feel shorter. Lavallee School wasMUCH MORE AUTHENTIC,This balanced approach to education is aptly named aof the recess supervisors, Charney sees the benefits first- the first to implement the balanced school day in LRSD balanced school day.hand. The balanced school day allows for so much morein the fall of 2017. Now in the schools third year with the authentic, play-based learning, said Charney. Studentsnew schedule, Hopper says keeping an open and ongoingPLAY-BASED LEARNING.Although the two schools daily schedules look slightlycan start a game and actually finish it within the new half- dialogue with the community is key to the continued different, the benefits are the same: extended physicalhour break. I think its reduced feelings of anxiety becausesuccess of the new schedule.- DAVID CHARNEYactivity for students, more opportunities to eat throughoutkids arent rushed to get outside and have the time to the day, more prep time and collaboration among teachersproblem solve, build friendships and work together. The biggest question from parents was in regard and maximized learning with fewer interruptions andto packing lunches and ensuring that students had transitions. The schedule switch-up in cole ProvencherAlthough increased physical activity is an important focusopportunities to eat at both breaks within the day, said was championed by Celeste Dilka, Student Servicesof the balanced school day, improved well-being is alsoHopper. We found it helpful to provide additional and Teacher, based on her positive experience with it when shea priority. cole Provencher has a daily 15-minute mentalongoing support to students and families about packing worked in a different school division. Ive never workedhealth break in the afternoon to help students refocus andnutritious lunches that are easily separated into two parts. in a school with a traditional schedule, said Dilka. It waslearn about mindfulness. These breaks include activitiesWeve noticed that students are eating more of their difficult to adjust, and I felt like I was always rushed andsuch as colouring, breathing exercises or quiet time. lunches throughout the day. that there was a lot of wasted time. Katie Anderson, who has one son in pre-school and one inWith students in kindergarten to Grade 8, administration Working with Lyette Carrire, the former principal of coleGrade 3, said she sees a big difference in her oldest sinceat Lavallee School has had to adapt the school day Provencher, and David Charney, vice-principal, the threehes been a part of a balanced school day. My son, Paolo,schedule to ensure it fits everyones needs. There are educators joined forces to create a plan of action. Afterhas developed a new vocabulary around mental health.a few times throughout the year that require some months of research and consultations with staff, parentsHes able to express the way hes feeling and recognizesshuffling, said Hopper. For example, if Practical Arts and senior leadership, cole Provencher announced itwhen he needs to step back and take a break. for Grade 7 and 8 students is in the afternoon, those would be implementing a balanced school day at the startHes also coming home feeling more tired, in a good way,students will follow a more typical schedule. Weve also of the 2019-2020 school year.because of the focus on physical wellness. made accommodations for substitutes and part-time staff working mornings or afternoons.There was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, butWhile the new schedule is showing a positive impact overall, its been pretty smooth, said Shelly Hynes, aon learners, teachers have also been experiencing theDespite the need for occasional adjustments, the switch Grade 3 teacher at cole Provencher. Ive noticed thebenefits. Michle Olson, principal at cole Provencher, to a balanced school day for Lavallee School and cole students arent as tired at the end of the day. Kids learnsaid shes noticed an increase in collaboration among staff. Provencher has been a relatively easy transition and a"