b'48 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 49BRIDGING THE GAPSINCE 2015, THE LOUIS RIEL SCHOOL DIVISION (LRSD) AND ITS EARLY LEARNING ANDThroughout the next few months, elementary schoolsWeve already seen some positive steps forward in our welcomed preschool children and their parents at partnership with our early learning and childcare partners, CHILDCARE PARTNERS (ELCC) HAVE BEEN EXPLORING WAYS TO BUILD A BRIDGE BETWEENvarious events, planning sessions continued at a local so Im hopeful well continue expanding this partnership level and school events, and activities were shared by putting more of our ideas into actionTHE TWO SYSTEMS AND DISCOVER NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT A MORE SEAMLESSthrough childcare newsletters. once its safe to do so.TRANSITION FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AS THEY MOVE FROM CHILDCARE TO SCHOOL.With the arrival of COVID-19, in-person collaboration wasput on hold; however the established relationship between There used to be a bit of a divide between the twoIn October 2019, the EYP continued to flourish whenLRSD and ELCC continued and was paramount to ensuring a safe and consistent approach to opening spaces for systems even though we were serving a lot of the sameelementary school principals and early years partnerschildren in childcare centres. THE INTENT HAS ALWAYS children and families, so we started discussing how wecame together at the LRSD Board Office to discuss could work more collaboratively and learn together, opportunities for children and their parents to be said Tammy Favreau, Supervisor of Early Years welcomed into school communities as early as possible. The partnership helped support the transition fromBEEN TO FIND WAYS TO Programs, LRSD. providing childcare for essential workers to expanding accommodation for all workers and, finally, to opening The Early Years Partnership (EYP) started with groupPlanning teams discussed the specific context of theirchildcare centres at full capacity, all while adhering toCONNECT WITH FAMILIES community and the needs of the families in their care.public health safety guidelines. discussions and planning sessions. A few shared topicsThey worked together to identify opportunities to of interest including play-based learning and the resultswelcome parents and children into school communities toBonnie Ash, Executive Director at Morrow Avenue ChildAND LESSEN ANY FEAR OR of the Early Development Instrument, which measuresincrease their comfort in school environments well beforeCare Programs for Families, says she was grateful for the childrens readiness for school across five domains:starting school. Each planning group identified how theycommunication and collaboration with the division duringANXIETY THAT KIDS MIGHT physical health and well-being; social competence;would begin to implement the first steps of their plan oversuch an uncertain time.emotional maturity; language and thinking skills; andthe current school year. communication skills and general knowledge.Seven of my programs are in LRSD schools, so I had toHAVE MOVING FROM DAYCARE The intent has always been to find ways to connect withwork closely with the division at each step of the way,Overall, the children in LRSD are well-prepared for school,families and lessen any fear or anxiety that kids mightsaid Ash. I worked in tandem with the school principalsTO KINDERGARTEN.but there are always areas to improve in, said Favreau.have moving from daycare to kindergarten, said Brendaand divisional staff and discussed additional guidelines that We started sharing the community-based informationCharriere, Director of Rainbow Day Nursery. After ourwould help make everyone feel a bit more comfortable. with our ELCC partners and planning together to providemost recent meeting, we were really eager to continue- BRENDA CHARRIERElearning opportunities for children where there wereto build the relationship between all childcare centres Although many EYP plans were put on hold thisdevelopmental gaps.whether they are in a school or notand the division. year, Favreau says she looks forward to continuingthe journey.'