b'24 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 | ANNUAL REPORT 25INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES GRADUATION POWWOW The planning for the 2016 Graduation Powwow, and The division has been dedicated to bringing Indigenous IN LRSD LEADING THE WAY Education to all the students and every community itevery Powwow thereafter, has had a group of committed proudly serves. One of the first of many opportunitiesdivisional leaders lead by Corey Kapilik, principal, Marion provided to our learners came in 2016. The LRSDSchool, with support from Coco Ray Stevenson, Powwow Powwow graduation event began as a dream andEmcee, to ensure the authenticity and spirit of a Powwow quickly became a reality and provided the opportunitywas honoured. The Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre for students of all ages to take part as dancers andprovided the food through their Culinary Arts program graduates. Prior to the 2016 LRSD Powwow club beingand students in the Broadcast Media program streamed formed, Hastings School had a group of studentsthe live event.The Louis Riel School Division is committed to a renewed relationship withengaged in Powwow dance. The LRSD Powwow club grew exponentially in 2019. In 2016, the divisional Powwow group took place at theIn addition to the Hastings School and Lavallee School Indigenous learners, families, staff and the broader community and thatRen Deleurme Centre inside Lavallee School from twoclubs, Marion School has also become a satellite space to four times a month. Many schools were representedfor all LRSD students to participate in Powwow dancing. promise is reflected in OUR Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP). in this group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youthWindsor Park Collegiate developed a space for high learning how to do something that once was outlawed inschool students to join Powwow dancing and also became This plan looked to the Circle of Courage, an Indigenous-inspired whole-learner framework for a holistic learning Canada. Learners were taught the Fancy Shawl dance andthe first space in LRSD to have a drumming group. There journey, that incorporates the concepts of Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity, for guidance and inspiration. Grass dance by Indigenous leaders. Parents, caregivers,were also plans for Darwin School to begin a Powwow By introducing Indigenous Education, which are the ways of knowing and being, to our community, we can ensure that westaff and volunteers came together and made the regaliagroup in the Spring of 2020 but it was put on hold as are embedding Indigenous worldviews, practices and culture into our learning and activities. Were proud of the effortsdancers wore at the 2016 Graduation Powwow held at COVID-19 forced the closure of school buildings across of our Indigenous Learning Team and staff throughout the division who are bringing our MYSP to life in their instruction,Dakota Collegiate.the province.classrooms and communities. INDIGENOUS YOUTH LEADERSHIP INDIGENOUS PARENT PROGRAM I FEEL PROUD TO BE A PART OF A SCHOOL DIVISION In partnership with school leadership and staff across theThe Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) hasTHAT DEMONSTRATES ITS COMMITMENT TO division, the Indigenous Learning Team is proud to offertraditional Indigenous culture at its core. The IYLP the Indigenous Parent Program (IPP) that is availableprovides mentoring and guidance to adults and students every Tuesday afternoon at Marion School and everyin the IYLP group and across the division. It also helpsINDIGENOUS EDUCATION THROUGH THE ACTIONS IT Wednesday afternoon at Lavallee School. The programstudents find their voice and to use it to promote is supported by two cultural Integration Specialist/ advocacy and agency regarding Indigenous issues andTAKES IN ORDER TO ENSURE INDIGENOUS EDUCATION Community Support workers who provide a safe placeperspectives. The program also recognizes the importance where parents can meet and discuss issues aroundof embedding Indigenous worldviews and practices intoIS DONE IN A WAY THAT HONOURS AND RESPECTS parenting. Staff are also on hand to help parents supportlearning and activities. This helps validate student identity their childrens successful educational journey. Throughoutand supports their academic and personal goals. Cultural the year, parents are able to participate in sewing, arts andactivities and events are designed to develop a sense ofINDIGENOUS CULTURE AND PRACTICES.crafts, beading as well as making traditional Indigenousbelonging and community. Students are encouraged to clothing such as moccasins, gauntlets and regalia. Familiesparticipate or facilitate cultural and learning activities, can also learn about cultural teachings and have receivedbe it at their school or at the divisional level. These could- BOBBIE-JO LECLAIR, INDIGENOUS EDUCATION TEAM MEMBERpresentations from various community organizations. Theinclude activities such as hosting a divisional feast or IPP is accessible to all families throughout LRSD. Over thebringing awareness to the LRSD community on issues such course of the school year, the program has more than 60as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, the families from a variety of schools participate. inequity of access to water on northern reserves or racism.'