b'LRSD by theINTERNATIONALSTUDENTSnumbers CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM46 students had International Exchange experiences inJapan, Germany, Chile, Italy, and China.K-12 PROGRAM232 International students from 23 countries attended K-12 programming in LRSD in 2018-2019Top Six Countries China, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Korea, Brazil and SpainEARLY YEARS POST-SECONDARY PROGRAMPROGRAMMING 283 additional students from 20 countries attended the Louis Riel Arts & Technology12 Family CentresCenter for post-secondary training in 2018-2019provide free programming to parents withPost-Secondary Top Five Countries children six-years-old and younger. TopicsChina, India, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnaminclude learning and literacy, nutrition and health, positive parenting, and community building.1,334 families made36,472 visitsto ARTS STUDENTS, Family Centres in 2018-2019.SCHOOLS400 students sangwith the Winnipeg Symphony.LOUIS RIEL ARTS & & STAFF TECHNICAL CENTRE 15,481 students * in 20182019 4,000 students danced in St. Vital Park during Folk Dance in the Park. The Louis Riel Arts & Technical Centre 40 Schools 26 English, 13 FrenchMore than2,500 works of art offers courses to students in trades, Immersion, One Technical & Vocationalwere displayed at the Forks hospitality, media, early childhood education, and One Community Learning Centreduring Arts in Action.business management and more! 2,148 Total teaching andMore than 85 concerts were held13 Programs & Online Academics non-teaching LRSD staff members*in gyms and theatres celebrating student which is broken down into: learning in music, band and guitar.6 Programs Accredited by Apprenticeship Manitoba (Culinary Arts, 1,183 Teachers* More than 30 plays Electrical Trades, Automotive Technician, 965 Non-Teaching Staff*& musicalsHairstyling, Esthetics, and Plumbing Trades)were produced. *permanent and termas of June 28, 2019210 graduates in June 2019(The most ever!)In 2018, a new work readiness program calledThe Edge was created and every programShirley Ewanchuk, LRSD Indigenous Languagein the school is involved.Consultant, teaching learners 10 about Indigenous culture.11'