b'TABLE OF CONTENTSOur Treaty Acknowledgement 4 Our Vision, Mission & Motto 5 Message from the Chair 6 Your Board of Trustees 2018-2022 7 Message from the Superintendent 8 Senior Leadership Team 9 LRSD By the Numbers 10 A Bold Vision for the Future 14 Multi-Year Strategic Plan 18 Belonging Quadrant One of the marvelous things Life-Changing Technology 20 about community is that it enables Language is the Key to Learning 22 Building Inclusivity & aus to welcome and help people in a wayNationwide Community24 It Takes a (Peaceful) Villagewe couldnt as individuals. When we poolto Raise a Child26our strength and share the work andMastery Quadrant Turning Great Discussionsresponsibility, we can welcome manyinto Focused Learning 29 people, even those in deep distress, Its About All of Us 31 The Importance ofand perhaps help them find selfWell-Becoming in Schools33-confidence and inner healing.Independence Quadrant Keeping Our Learners Safeon School Routes36JEAN VANIER Learning Isnt Just for Students37 Early Years DevelopmentKey to Long-term Success39 On the Right Track 42 Generosity Quadrant One Trip + Seven Incredible Journeys45 Reconciliation in Action47 Striking One for the Earth49 3'