b'page document contained many bold answers to the questions posed by the commission in itsPublic Consultation Discussion Paper.Early years education investments, the infusion of Indigenous ways of knowing, and public education as an integral part of a systemic poverty eradication strategy are just some of the bold innovations and investmentswe see as essential elements of a comprehensive cradle-to-career approach to levelling and raising the Story time with Ms.achievement bar in our province, said Michalik.Crymbles kindergarten class at cole Sage Creek School While six specific focus areas of review were outlined in the discussion paper, LRSD included an additional seventh report on a focus area it felt needed to be part of the discussion.A Bold Vision Since the announcement, LRSD has engagedThe education of with learners, staff and parents to understand what matters most to them and to ensure their collective voices helped shape LRSDs written our children is one of for the Futuresubmission to the commission.the most important The education of our children is one of the most important activities we undertake as a society, says Christian Michalik, LRSD Superintendent.activities we undertake Having our community contribute their vision In January 2019, the Province of Manitoba announced the creationand priorities was incredibly important to us.as a societyof a commission to undertake a comprehensive and independentTheir input helped us create a document that review of the kindergarten to Grade 12 education system. Thereflects our combined hopes and aspirations for our division and the public education system. In LRSD more than 35 per cent of learners mandate of the nine-person commissionwas to look at a numberare enrolled in French Immersion (FI) and of topics such as student learning, teaching, accountability,As part of LRSDs consultation with theconsidering the provincial average is 13 per cent, community, leadership from across thewe felt it a disservice to not have FI considered governance and funding. division met to provide input on the topics thein the conversation about the future of education commission is reviewing. in Manitoba and specifically the bilingual A schedule of interactive workshops was announced to encouragecommunities served by LRSD, said Michalik.Jason Dubeau, vice-principal of Glenlawn people to share their thoughts and perspectives on the future ofCollegiate, was one of the co-authors of Ron Cadez, principal of cole Howden, a French education with members of the commission. The public was alsothe report. Immersion school, was asked by Michalik tohelp given the opportunity to submit written submissions and briefs towork on the French Immersion report to the All of us are approaching this report as ancommission. In theend, what Cadezended up the commission to help inform and guide any recommendationsopportunity to bring forward bold ideas andwriting was much different than what he thought that might be brought forward at the end of the review. recommendationsthat can help improve andhe would be putting together for thesupport how we provide education in LRSD. ImLRSD submission.excited about what I heard from my colleagues and our chance to put these ideas into our submission, said Dubeau.After months of collaboration with the LRSD community, the LRSD and the Louis Riel School Board submitted their joint written submission to the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education on Friday, May 31. The 122-14 15'