b'Language is the LanguageKey to Learning is at the heart of learning. Educators know and live the complexThis is an opportunity to honour relationships between language andhistories of our first peoples in identity, language and learning, languageparallel with the learning that takes and culture, language and well-being,place throughout the division, language and flourishing. One keysaid Corey Kapilik, Coordinator of area where LRSD educators can actIndigenous Education. This is a to promote truth and reconciliation iswonderful opportunity to celebrate to advocate for and teach Indigenousdiversity, unity and reconciliation and languages in the hopes of preservingis something myself and the entire and revitalizing languages that aredivision feel passionate about.perilously close to disappearing. Most importantly, our efforts to valueDespite the challenge of finding people and learn Indigenous languageswho speak Ojibwe that are also trained areessential forallstudents in LRSD,teachers, the program continues to Indigenous and non-Indigenous. blossom due to Ewanchuk and the teams remarkable devotion and a Language is at the heart of learning.unique mentorship-apprentice model In schools, we learn through language,that brings together Ojibwe speakers how to use language, and aboutwith Indigenous Education teachers language, says Christian Michalik,and classroom teachers to deliver LRSD Superintendent. The Unitedthe program to students. Ewanchuk Nations (UN) has proclaimed 2019presented LRSDs Ojibwe Language theInternational Year of IndigenousProgram and mentorship-apprentice Languages (IYIL2019). It is my hopemodel to the Canadian Commission that this global mobilization effortfor UNESCO in June 2018 as part of can serve to inspire and strengthena 160-person planning meeting in our efforts to promote and protectpreparation for the IYIL2019.Indigenous languages in the LRSD.In thisInternational Year of Indigenous Since 2016, Shirley Ewanchuk and aLanguages, lets continue to celebrate team of people who speak Ojibwe haveour staffs pedagogicaleffortsto been developing a new and innovativepromote and protect Indigenous Indigenous Language Program withlanguages, said Michalik. As our students and teachers in LRSD. InMYSP makes clear, we will build on 20182019, the Ojibwe Language Programthis early success as we continue to be connected with 36 kindergarten classroomsbold and audacious in the goals we set and 16 Grade 1 classrooms. All studentsfor ourselves and the learners we serve in the classroom, Indigenous and non- in 2019 and beyond.Indigenous, spend 60 minutes in a six-day cycle learning Ojibwe words and concepts inside the classroom and outdoors via a play-based Tiffany Langan, Ojibwe Language Supportandnature-based approach to the program. As Instructor teaching learners about Indigenous culture and language through story, play and song. outlined in our MYSP 2019-2023, we will grow this program to include all children in kindergarten to Grade 3.22 23'