b'Keeping Our Learners Safe on Learning IsntSchool Routes Just for StudentsBack in February 2018, LRSD conductedan extensive review of Safe Routes to As teachers practice continues to improve, An ongoing learning relationship School programming after a tragic so do the successes of our learners. develops between the classroom child-pedestrian fatality. Personalized Professional Learning (PPL)teacher and their collaborative begins with teachers selecting a goal of inquiry based on evidence of student learning,learning partner throughout the The annual review in March 2019 looked at the number of adulttheir professional growth plan, their schoolyear. One-to-one conferencing crossing guards and Walking School Buses for each school as part plan goals and divisional priorities.of LRSDs ongoing Safe Routes to School program. One new Walkingpromotes personal and School Bus to and from Lavallee School and seven new crossingThis inquiry is then supported by aprofessional reflection, while guards have been added to help learners safely cross streets andcollaborative learning partner from our traffic intersections near the following schools: cole Guyot, divisional itinerant Instructional Support Team.deepening teacher understanding H.S. Paul School, cole Sage Creek School and St. George School. The collaborative learning partner strives toof the impact of their learning on effectively collaborate alongside each teacher In March, LRSD hired a Crossing Guard Supervisor to perform regularlearner about their personal professional goal. student achievement. inspections to assess student crossing at various post locations and school zones throughout LRSD to identify any safety concerns.In April 2019, a mandatory Crossing Guard Training Program wasThe members of the Instructional Support Team analyze teacher goals to customize resources and offered to all the existing and new crossing guards. New fluorescentlearning experiences for diverse learners. Not only do they plan for big picture goals but they intentionally orange flags, a yellow safety vest and whistle was provided to eachplan for each individual, too. The team strives to ensure teachers see value in their learning and see that crossing guard along with an information brochure. it is OK to go slow to go farit is a journey not a raceas the team is there to learn alongside them throughout the year. A Walking School Bus Administrators Handbook has been developed for school teams that details how to plan and organize a WalkingPre-planning is based on the goals teachers set prior to their learning days, and rooted in professional School Bus. This handbook will act as a resource guide and can beresources. The team targets chapters in books, specific articles, videos, gathers artifacts and records customized to meet the specific needs of the school. these resources into a personalized learning guide. The City of Winnipeg installed two new Surafiel Way signs at the corner of Varennes Avenue and St. Annes Road. This was doneOF TRU EFFECTIVEin memory of Surafiel Musse Tesfamariam who was killed at theU R ESTCOLLABORATIONintersections crosswalk last year. LTU C NCIn collaboration with the City of Winnipeg, LRSD provided budgetaryR O -E A Psupport to conduct a traffic study on Archibald Street nearL L A- NArchwood School. O CSTUDENT C By attending various meetings with the City of Winnipeg PlanningACHIEVEMENT OC MH T C MDepartment on traffic studies near school zones, LRSD is committed OAEE E O-to improving student safety throughout the year. RS F - T ECT C O ND N GLI M A OH T W LO R G36 37'