b' The visit was definitelyA study by the Angus Reid Institute found thatStriking Onemore than two-thirds of Canadians never have one of the mostmeaningful relationships with Indigenous people, incredible experiences ofnor have spent a meaningful amount of time in anEarth Indigenous community. This is highly problematic.for the How can Canadians ever become reconciled if my life, the communitywe are lacking these relationships and shared experiences? said Nika Martinussen, a Grade 12 was so selfless, openlystudent from J.H. Bruns Collegiate. Our intrinsicWhile politicians may be used to getting pepperedThe Climate tendencies to other those who are unlike ourselveswith climate questions from reporters, its not asStrike asks youth sharing their culture,will continue unless we are able enter commoncommon when theyre coming from 10-year-olds.all over the world for spaces with each other and share our stories. Yet, that was exactly the case when in March 2019,one day of protest every their gifts, and theirlearners from cole St. Germain posed climate andmonth to demand increased In May, a group of eight students and five staff fromenvironment queries at the Honourable Rochellegovernmental and societal action stories with us. We trulyLRSD had the privilege of visiting the community ofSquires, Minister responsible for Sustainableto climate change. St. Theresa Point where they were welcomed andDevelopment with climate and environment at felt like we were part oftreated as family. their school.Ginette Paill works in Student Services for the school and organized the Climate Strike. There is their community, saidThe week was filled with many activities centredHer visit was a result of receiving a letter from theno more important political priority at this time, on land-based and traditional practices, such aslearners connected with the schools EnviroClub,said Paill. Its good to have an open conversation Martinussen. fishing, participating in a fish fry for the entirea group that consists of close to 30 regularwith the Minister of Sustainable Development so school, and making and playing traditional drums.members and some of whom attended thethat the kids can understand that their voice is The learners and adults from both communitiesClimate Strike student protest at the Manitobabeing heard and will hopefully be acted upon in the formed meaningful relationships with each otherLegislature in January. best way possible. and developed renewed understandings of the challenges remote communities The Climate Strike movement was started by GretaLinnae Johnson, a Grade 5 cole St. Germain in Canada face. Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish environmentallearner, who is part of the EnviroClub and attended activist, who became fed up with the lack ofthe Climate Strike, hopes everyone realizes action on behalf of her country on climate change.protecting the earth is everyones responsibility. She stopped going to school and started sitting outside Swedens parliament in protest.I want more people to worry about it, more people to take charge, Johnson said. I want myself to LRSD students gather inknow the Earth will be OK. one of the St. Theresa Point teachers backyards where they were graciously welcomed to the community. The Climate Strike asks youth all over the world for one day of protest every month to demand increased governmental and societal action to climate change. Maysam Horriat, a Grade 4 cole St. Germain learner also wants people to start thinking about changes that could help make a difference. From left: Sloan Tellier, McKenna Perkins, Maya Vokey, and MaddieWe should be using solar Dubois enjoying a power and stop using life-size climate change board game. greenhouse gases. The government needs to stop making pollution. I want to spread the message. 48 49'