b'Even though the program has been running sinceNot all learners in LRSD will choose to beThe Importance2005, Jones is still amazed at the learners reactionscientists or doctors, but since they will all be to the sessions.patients one day, its important to help them What still surprises me is how students show upunderstand the science behind health. of Well-Becoming ready to learn every day, and how they are naturallyWe know that middle-years students are interested in how the body works in sickness andat a time when they are becoming more in health. Students bring their own questionsindependent and also developing ideas every single day and continually surprise us witharound what they are open to in the future.in Schoolstheir own insights, said Jones. In recent yearsWe see this program as a way of informing as we have expanded our inquiry-based learningstudents so they can choose healthy options projects, students have developed their own ideasfor themselves going forward, said Kynoch. for projects, coming up with ways to dose stemWe also hope that through several years cells with e-cigarette vapour extracts, caffeine orof activities with us, students can be more alcohol. They are looking to explore topics that arehealth- and science-literate citizens orSince 2007, LRSD has been in partnership with the Winnipeg interesting and relevant to them.patients in the future. Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Mental Health Promotion The role of the school Team and has been on an ongoing journey to understandhas been regarded mental health promotion and how to implement mental health promoting practices in schools. This has led to divisionalboth nationally and learning in many areas. Mental Health Literacy lessons areinternationally as an provided for all Grade 9 and 10 students led by Physical Education teachers, Student Services teachers and schoolimportant environment Stephen Jones clinicians. Students are also engaged in developing leadershipfor prompting the and voice through Sources of Strength and Natural Helpers from the Its Allprograms. As well, all staff are engaged in learning about well- psychological wellness About Me program with middle yearsbeing and mental health promotion. and resilience of students at cole Sage Creek Positive mental health and well-being are critical to a learnerschildren and youth. School.success and their healthy development, said Steven Lawrie, Director of Student Support Services. Schools are importantPanCanadian Joint Consortiumenvironments for promoting the psychological wellness andfor School Health, 2013resilience of children and youth.Positive mental health is synonymous with: well-being and a sense of enjoyment of life; building close and caring relationships; achieving goals; and having resilience to cope with lifes challenges. The emergence of positive mental health perspectives has shifted the focus of educators and health professionals from a preoccupation of repairing illness and weaknesses to enhancement of positive qualities and a focus on mental health promotion and resilience.Mental health promotion in schools focuses on enhancing protective factors that contribute to the social and emotional growth of children and youth and decreasing the risk factors that impede psychosocial development. Mental health promotion in schools also links with other aspects of health such as physical health, sexual health, and nutrition (e.g.,Lea Funk, Island Lakes physical education and health curriculums). Community School teacher, who is engaged in learning about mental health in schools.32 33'