b'MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAMI am proud and eager to share our AnnualAnother story connected to the MYSP and aThe Senior Leadership Team (SLT) works with managers and coordinators at the divisionReport to the Community (ARC) with anyoneyear of renewal starts on page 14. In January, thelevel, along with principals and vice-principals, to undertake the work of the LRSD.and everyone interested in the Louis Rielprovincial government announced the creation of School Divisions (LRSD) collective journey.a commission to undertake a comprehensive and Throughout the ARC, many compelling andindependent review of the kindergarten to Grade inspiring stories highlight just a fraction of12 education system. From January to May, ourThe SLT vision for the Louis Riel School Division is one in which every the achievements and successes of the moreleadership team engaged in extensive dialogueVISION person is cared for morally, intellectually, physically, socially and than 15,500 students in the care of 2,148about the six focus areas of review as outlined in theemotionally on their journey of learning and well-becoming.staff across 40 schools and board office. Icommissions Public Consultation Discussion Paper. want to acknowledge Brandon Boone, our Communications Manager, for his help inCollectively, we responded to the bold questions in bringing this amazing publication togetherthe discussion paper with similarly bold answers.The central focus of the SLT is to nurture learning and in concert with many of our staff over theWhile the ideas brought forward in our submissionMISSION well-becoming in LRSD by cultivating the conditions for summer months. are audacious, they are also deeply rooted in ourimpactful collective practice in all LRSD schools.collective desire to see learners in Manitoba thrive The common thread throughout the ARC isand a sustainable and inclusive public education one of renewal as 2018-2019 marked a yearsystem flourish.of change, growth and rejuvenation for our community. This past November was the startOur four strategic priorities also frame the ARC. of our newly elected School Boards four- Readers looking for a bunch of numbers and chartsChristian Michalik Marna Kennyyear mandate, and our nine trustees decidedin the report may be disappointed. Youll find a fewSuperintendent Secretary-Treasurerthat after 16 years since LRSDs inception,important figures in the pages ahead, but thoseit was time to renew essential structures.in the community looking for numbers and graphs From January to April, we welcomed vitalwill find all that and more when we launch ourand diverse feedback from learners, staff anddata-discovery dashboards on our website this fall.parents/guardians. This feedback infused theThe dashboards will allow the public to explore Lisa Aitken Jennifer Hume crafting of new statements we think are bold,final grade scores in core subjects by interactingAssistant Superintendent, Assistantexciting, inclusive and inspiring.with a series of data visualizations.Glenlawn Collegiate family of schools Secretary-TreasurerWe then used these important statements asThe ARC is meant to tell the stories that breathe life guiding principles for the development of ainto the numbers and the charts. As the historian four-year Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP).Yuval Noah Harari reminds us, Humans think inMarlene MurrayFrom April to June, we continued to engagestories, and we try to make sense of the world byAssistant Superintendent, Clarke Haganthe community in a series of conversationstelling stories. I hope you enjoy reading the storiesJ.H. Bruns Collegiate and Nelson Director of about visioning our future. The themes thatthat attempt to capture a year in the life of LRSDMcIntrye Collegiate family of schools Information Systemsemerged helped illuminate four strategicas much as those of us who had a chance to write, priorities that frame the MYSP for 2019-2023.read and share these riveting stories about our Moreover, the collective aspirations shared inthriving learners and flourishing communities. a multitude of online and person-to-personIrene Nordheim Steven Lawrieconversations inspired our efforts to identifyAssistant Superintendent, Director of Student meaningful and measurable strategic goalsWhatever human beings are, Dakota Collegiate and Windsor ParkSupport Servicesfor each priority. In June 2019, the Louis Rielwe are storytellers. Nikki Giovanni Collegiate family of schoolsSchool Board adopted our MYSP for 2019-2023. This plan articulates our goals for the next four years and serves as our navigationHenri Peloquinsystem to a thriving and flourishing future.Assistant Superintendent, CollgeCharles RobertYou can read more about the journey ofBliveau and Collge Jeanne-SauvDirector of Facilitiesits creation on page 18. family of schools8 9'