b'Sandy Nemeth , Chair(204) 230-6475 Ward 3Louise Johnston , Vice-Chair(204) 612-7121 Ward 1MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR YOUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES 20182022 Cindy Turner (204) 294-3047 Bold and audacious are two words whichWe continue to seek input from our students,The Louis Riel School Division is governed by a nine-personWard 1describe many conversations among therecognizing their voices as an essential andBoard of Trustees elected every four years by the LRSD Louis Riel School Board and the LRSD Seniorvaluable component of the work of our board.community. The board advocates for, and is accountable Leadership Team throughout the 2018-2019Many student leaders from across LRSDto, the LRSD community on matters of public educationChris Sigurdsonschool year. It was also a wonderful period schools attended public meetings this yearthroughout the division. Elections are held in conjunction of achievement and success for students, to offer insight and perspective, to demandwith the Winnipeg Civic Election and are run on behalf of(204) 230-4601 staff and our greater community, as you will action, and to inform our conversations. metro school divisions by the City of Winnipeg. Ward 2see in our annual report. We have come to count on them for unfiltered and honest feedback. Indeed, it is the timeTo see how the division is divided into Wards and to find Supported by new Vision, Mission, Values andspent in conversation with members of theout which Ward you live in, please visit www.lrsd.net andRobert PageMotto statements, our Multi-Year StrategicLRSD community that ensures their prioritieslook under the school board menu for the map.Plan for 2019-2023 provides an innovative andand values are reflected in board conversations (204) 541-1303 comprehensive roadmap for the future of LRSD.and decision making.Ward 2Modelled after the Indigenous Circle of Courage, it defines how we will lead, what our communityIt is an honour and privilege to serve as can expect, and what all students will experiencethe Louis Riel School Board Chair, a role Neil Vadeboncoeuron their learning journey in LRSD. which has only deepened my commitment to LRSD, locally governed public education(204) 254-7636 I am confident in saying there will be no greaterand democratically elected school boards.Ward 3legacy document in our now 17-year-old schoolCollectively, your trustees are committed to division than our submission to the Manitobaliving and achieving our Vision and Mission Commission on K-12 Education from May ofstatements and we are immensely proud ofthis year. It offers a wealth of information,the students, staff, teachers, and administratorsJosie Landry insight, history and data, along with a daring,who accompany us on this journey. (204)292-4661 courageous, broad and compelling vision forWard 3public education in our province. Based on the rich and varied expertise and experience in LRSD, it reflects the hopes and dreams we have for our thriving learners as part of a community Tom Parkerthat continues to grow and flourish. (204) 298-9249 Ward 4 Pamela Kolochuk(204) 297-5339 Ward 46 7'