b'Students At GCI we are alwaysIt Takes aVillage from leftto rightstriving to create Peculiar-Gift Aregbesola peaceful (Grade 11), Dina Hamidopportunities for (Grad 2019), Mulikat Eniola Sanni (Grad 2019) andbelonging, independence, to Raise a Child Maryum Umoro mastery and generosity (Grad 2019).within our learner population and Peaceful Village does an amazing While the people who are a part of The PeacefulThe program currently runs at many Winnipeg Village program (TPV) havent been consideredschool sites and in LRSD, operates at Glenlawnjob of fostering children for quite some time, the idea of aCollegiate (GCI). This year, 154 studentsopportunities in allcommunity coming together to support andregistered and attended. Learners at GCI split nurture each other is 100 per cent accurate. their time between homework,studying,andthese aspects for the passion projects such as dance, music, and art.newcomer youth that TPV is an after-school program for newcomerTPV also partnered this year with the Sexuality youth and their families, which is facilitated byEducation Resource Centre offering workshopsattend, said Deer.the Manitoba School Improvement Programin identity and healthy sexuality. Eight students (MSIP). The program operates Monday to Fridaywere involved in exchanges with other for three hours a day and provides students withCanadianprograms and travelled to Montreal. academic support, learning materials, snacks,TPV had76learners graduate with scholarships, and other activities. There are also optionalwhich were earned through their attendance activities for learners during teacher professionalin the program at GCI. In the school year 2016-development days and school breaks. TPV also2017, a total of $37,400 was awarded to learners.While learners attending the program have a operates during the summer to provide activitiesThe Louis Riel School Board also supports thiswide variety of activities to do and explore, and opportunities in activity-based learning suchpartnership and was able to direct more thanfamilies also have an opportunity to as art, sports in the park, and camping.$40,000 to help the program deliver servicesparticipate in a monthly Village Kitchen. and staffing this past school year. During this event, families from sites across the city come together to The partnership between MSIP and LRSDshare dinner, celebrate the learners over the years has been instrumental insuccesses and have a chance to learner success. Due to the financial supportmeet with learners families toGraduatefrom the Louis Riel School Board and MSIP,update them about the program.students of 2019, From the left: FarahFarah Shahnawaz Shahnawaz (grad 2019),our learners find their sense of belongingIt also gives learners the chance Seeba Wahabi (Team Leadwithin TPV program, said Dionne Deer,to present and share the workand Pascal Olisaat Glenlawn The PeacefulGCI principal. At GCI we are alwaysthey have done in the passion Village (TPV)), Leena Wahabistriving to create opportunities forprojects.(TPV) and Christina Beyenebelonging, independence, mastery (Community Development Tutor at Glenlawn TPV) and generosity within our learnerThe Village Kitchen events are population and TPV does an amazingfantastic ways for kids to bring job of fostering opportunities in allin their families and have the these aspects for the newcomercommunity come together, said youth that attend. Deer, The program as a whole provides learners with a chance to stay within the safety of the school environment until 7 p.m. each day. They learn social and independence skills as well as having access to academic support. Learners are fed healthy snacks and get to work on weekly passion projects that allow learners to gain confident and explore their talents.26 27'