b'Intentionally connecting learners is also paramount. Early Years Networking connections are identified based onOnce teacher-learning goals are receivedDevelopment Courtney Smithindividual goals and professional experiences.and the pre-planning is completed, the For example, a Grade 8 teacher who waslearning moves into three intensive learning analyzing evidence of student learning in readingdays; one in October, December and April.along with her would be connected with a senior-years PhysicalParticipants are introduced to work stations Education teacher who was also analyzingand then are given the bulk of the day toKey to Long-term Success daughters, Saffina and evidence of learning within his own discipline.learn freely and flexibly. Anita Smith reading Both teachers needed to assess, look for trends,books at the Lavalleerecord the trends, record students strengths andAs teachers are learning, members of theFamily Centre.next steps and then structure their classroom inInstructional Support Team confer one If we truly wish to provide our children with an equala way that meets the diverse needs of students.to one with each participant, which is aopportunity to maximize their potential, whatever that might be,strategy used in personalized-learningit is vital that we do everything we can to enhance their early development.This networking creates multipleclassrooms. Ideally, the participants do opportunities for teachers tomost of the talking, while the collaborativeThese are the words of the Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain, J. Fraser Mustard andlearning partner elicits thinking through connect with people they mightguiding questions. The structure of each dayDr. Stuart Shanker, three renowned early child development researchers who have made the following not gravitate to on their own butis not only intentional for teacher learningfive important conclusions in their early child development studies:but is a structure teachers can take back can learn a great deal from. and try in their classrooms.Each intensive learning day is anchored inThe earlyPERSONALIZED PROFESSIONAL big picture learning goals. These goalsEarlyyears are a periodFamiliesLEARNING MODEL are scaffolded to support assessmentexperiencesof heightenedand for learning practices, gradual releaseshape brainBrain opportunities communities of responsibility, teacher reflection anddevelopmentimproved student engagement anddevelopmentand increased Early matterachievement. Personal goals become thestrongly influencesrisks childhood vehicle to learn the big picture goals. learning, behaviour,programs can and healthmake a significant Personal Between December and April, thethroughout life improvementProfessionalcollaborative learning partner spends time INQUIRY Guidedin each participants classroom, modelling, by Evidence co-planning, co-teaching and co-reflecting on lessons and strategies the pair is learning Designed forabout. This integrated relationship is whatWhile those may be their words and conclusions,Years Programs as part of her duties. We are INTENTIONAL Learninghas made the greatest impact on thetheir meaning and impact are something thatresponsible for creating space, materials and by Collaborativeteachers who have participated in PPL.LRSD has taken to heart. opportunities to foster childrens growth in all Learning Partners Through Effective Collaboration, the teamareas. We know that creating experiences inmodels risk taking, and learns alongsideSince 2015, the division has built and strengtheneda nurturing, rich and engaging environmentOngoing teachers to help them see, in a safeconnections and relationship between Earlyresults in children becoming active citizensINTEGRATED environment, that it (whatever it may be)Years Educators such as daycare and after- in their community.Learning can work in their classroom. school providers within LRSD, Family Centre staff, Relationship kindergarten teachers and school administratorsCurrently, LRSD early-years supports include so there is a clear and shared intention to create12 Family Centres, 11 Community Liaison the best possible path for parents and childrenworkers and a Growing and Learning Together Personalizedentering LRSD schools. Preschool Outreach initiative. The focus of all INTENSIVEof these efforts is to bring developmentally Learning Days Children thrive in a learning community whereappropriate and play-based learning to children there are positive, encouraging relationshipsto encourage smooth transitions to schools and and connections, said Marlene Murray, LRSDlifelong learning from birth.Assistant Superintendent who looks after Early 38 39'