b'As LRSD leadersask questions such as whatisIts About All of Usmyimpact and am I making a difference,they are also being guided bythe work ofDr. Ken Leithwood, an educational researcher, who has identifiedthe leadership practicesthat are present in the most effective school systemsFor the past 14 years, a health science educationMeghan Kynoch also works with Its All in Canada and other parts of the world. The ninepartnership between the St. Boniface ResearchAbout Me on a full-time basis to develop leadership practices are:Centres RBC Youth BIOlab (SBRC) and LRSD calledand implement parallel programming for Its All About Me has existed to connect currentFrench Immersion schools and run in-school Establish broadly shared mission,biomedical science at SBRC and medicine at St.programming and loves the variety of 1 vision and goals founded on ambitiousBoniface Hospital with regular classroom instructioninformation shared at these sessions. images of the educatedperson. across the division. Largely activities relate to understanding But what exactly does that mean?how disease differs from healthy conditions 2 Provide coherent instructional guidance. and how doctors and scientists identify and Thanks to the continual collaboration and developmentunderstand disease, said Kynoch. We get of the program by teachers, administrators and staffto take a look at the respiratory system in from both sides of the partnership, Its All About MeGrade 5 with a lung dissection. We do a lot Build division and school staffsis designed to support health and science literacy forof programs related to heart disease and 3 capacities and commitments tostudents and teachers in the middle and senior yearsthe risk factors associated with it. We do seek out and use multiple sourcesby connecting science learning in the classroom tosome activities around Type 2 diabetes and ofevidence toinform decisions. the current research and daily work done at the SBRC.Alzheimers disease looking at nervous tissue The founding concept of the program is that health,degeneration in the eyes and in the brain. Eye Create learning-oriented organizationalLRSDs leadership team practices arescience, research and medicine have meaning to eachdissections tie into the optics unit in Grade 4 improvement processes. also guided by the following beliefs asof us as individuals and as a community.8 and theyre absolutely one of my favourite articulated by Steven Katz, Lisa AinDack,experiences (I think the students like it, too!).and John Malloy in their book,TheThe obvious choice for a partner in this endeavour Intelligent, Responsive Leader. was LRSD, as we are part of the same neighbourhood 5 Provide job-embedded and serve the same families, said Stephen Jones, professional development. Professional learning that allows educatorsDirector, Youth BIOlab, SBRC and Its All About Me to grapple with complex challenges ofTeaching Liaison. Back in 2005, Christian Michalik Align budgets, personnel policies/ practice, which grow out of student learningand Karen Yamada spearheaded the partnership 6 procedures and uses of time with districtneeds, has the best possibility of leading toon the LRSD side, and we came together to mission, vision and goals. different and effective ways of thinking andbuild Its All About Me with a goal of helping doing in schools. - Katz, Dack, and Malloy. students explore the science behind health in ways that are meaningful to them.Use a comprehensive performanceThrough collective action, school leaders 7 management system for school andcan help learners achieve in measurable district leadership development. ways and create the conditions for teachers to get better through collaborative Advocate for and support a inquiry that challenges thinking and practice.Cultivating a growth mindset 8 policy-governance approach tois key to learning at any age and key board of trustee practice.tothelearner-centred/learning-focused/inquiry-oriented leadershipdeveloping Nurture productive working relationshipsin LRSD.9 with staff and stakeholders.The protocol has workedreally wellthis year, said Kathleen Atkin, LRSD Library Coordinator. I appreciated the small groupings and the opportunity to reallydive deep into a personal learning inquiry and receive authentic, real-time feedback.Windsor Park Collegiate students from the Medical Careers Exploration program looking at cells in the Youth BIOlab at 30 the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. 31'