b'On the Right Track People enjoy playing sports for many reasons. For some, its the camaraderie, for others itsIrene Nordheim, LRSD Assistant Superintendent, the competition or even the exercise. No matter what your motivation, playing sports haswho, along with Grant McManes, LRSD Healthy Living been shown to contribute to academic success while also helping teach honesty, teamwork,Coordinator, oversees Healthy Living in the division, sees fair play and inclusiveness.these changes as steps towards a bigger goal. As an organization, we are now more closely aligned LRSD has always prided itself on being asIn January 2019, notices of motion were passed to openwith the national terminology and are continuing our work inclusive as possible in all areas includingentry of all SCAC Track and Field events to Para-Athletestowards true integration in sport, said Nordheim.sports, but this past year has been excitingand schedule the events around those entries. What were trying to do is make sure that all of our learners since LRSD has made even more progressregardless of physical or cognitive ability can participate towards realizing this goal.Additionally, what was previously called Co-Op Eventsin as much activity in the area of sport and extracurricular will now be called Para-Events and co-op athletes willactivities as possible. In June 2018, the South-Central Athleticnow be changed to para-athletes. Conference (SCAC) passed a motion toWhile increased opportunities and recognition is progress strike an ad-hoc committee to exploreTara Orchard, the mother of Vesta Orchard, a learner andin the right direction, at the core of every para-athlete is a how it might expand its opportunitiespara-athlete in LRSD from the Cooperative Educationdesire to compete just like everyone else.for athletes of all abilities. The SCAC isprogram, was pleased to see the progress being made. comprised of the seven LRSD high schoolsPara-athletes are the same as other student-athletes. We plus eight other high schools.Both my daughter and I are pleased that LRSD hastrain very hard and want to be treated like real athletes begun making strides to provide para-athletes with moreand given more opportunities to do our best and The committee would look into how theopportunities and appropriate support and recognition.represent our schools in real competitive events, get SCAC could expand the opportunitiesWe do think it is something LRSD should celebrate,real coaching and have real uniforms, said Vesta. I for learners in the Cooperative Educationthough there remains a lot of work to be done.want to have the same opportunities as everyone programs who participate in SCAC trackelse to compete against other athletes so I can and field meets.keep improving and testing myself.It was also important to update the language being used to describe athletes from the Cooperative Education program. What were trying to do is make sure that all of our learners regardless of physical or cognitive ability can participate in as much activity in the area of sport and extracurricularactivities as possible,said Nordheim.Vesta Orchard42 43'