b'BuildingIt was more than eight years ago when LRSDDakota Collegiate learners first put the Respect for Human Diversity:talking with a LGBTQ2S+ ally and law influencer at Respect for Sexual Orientation and Genderthe conference.Inclusivity andIdentity policy into place. The policy has been revisited and reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to promote acceptance, understanding and inclusion for all. But there is always room for new ideas and input and an amazing opportunity a Nationwidepresented itself this past May.The Centre of Global Education sent an invitation to LRSD Gay and Straight Alliance (GSA) Community groups asking for their participation in a QSA/GSANational Dialogue on LGBTQ2S+ health and wellness in gender-based violence conference.Six learners from Collge Jeanne-Sauvs GSA group and two from Dakota Collegiate were chosen to make the trip to Edmonton for the When it comes to diversity and inclusiveness, LRSD is proud offour-day conference along with Student Services teachers, Benson Shapiro and Jennifer Berven. It was wonderful to see dialogue for learners the work that has been done throughout the division to respectby learners that advised and informed on human diversity and create safe environments for all learners. At the conference, students from high schoolsa variety of LGBTQ2S+ community health across Canada engaged in team-buildingconcerns within the Canadian education activities aimed at creating safe environmentssystem, said Shapiro.for learners to be themselves and share their stories and perspectives. Facilitators guided theFor LRSD learners in attendance, the time to discussions to centre around teens representingconnect and create community with others their peers and giving advice to peers who from across the country as well as have their are considering a GSA or improving theirvoices heard was a wonderful opportunity. GSA. LRSD learners worked hard to turn theirBoth Shapiro and Berven commented that the brainstorming into a concise draft of a guidebookearnestness of the effort the learners poured outlining the importance of having a GSA in theinto the creation of the document isschool and community. a testament of their passion to help othersand ensure that othering no longer effects their peers.Im excited about the development of the document because of how accurately it will reflect the learners voice and what a powerful message it sends to Canadians about diversity, said Berven. It will be an incredibly practical and helpful guidebook for people wanting to start a GSA or improve their GSA to create a safer school and community. The government document is currently in development with an anticipated release in the fall of 2019.Learners from the LRSD GSA on the final conference day with newly made friends from across Canada.24 25'