b'DOLLARS & CENTS BRICKS & INVESTMENTS IN INFRASTRUCTUREThe 20192020 budget was approved by the LRSD School Board on March 12, 2019. Our learners areMORTAR $480,000for grooming rooms at Minnetonka School, H.S. Paul School, and the greatest assets and the budget will impact students positively by improving supports for a growingHighbury Schooldiversity of needs and addressing the ongoing challenges of growing socio-economic inequalities. LRSD made nearly $9 million $319,541for air conditioning at cole The budget continues to keep administration costs low and in line with the expectation of thedollars of investments in LRSD infrastructure in 20182019. Henri-BergeronMinister of Education. It also dedicates funds to maintaining and improving LRSDs aging infrastructure and to increase non-instructional spaces that arent $140,370for heating system LRSD invests in spaces wherereplacement at J.H. Bruns Collegiatefunded by the Manitoba Provincial Government. learners can excel as caring, confident, capable, and$134,359to convert two spaces into new LRSD BUDGET 2019-2020 resilient lifelong learners whoclassrooms at cole Sage Creek School45%contribute to a democratic$106,687for generator replacement at $193,361,505 Provincialand sustainable world.* Lavallee School42% for Windsor Park Collegiate to Funding Local $70,000Propertyaccommodate learners from cole Sage Tax Creek SchoolEXPENSES BY OBJECT WHERE DOESLRSDS FUNDINGINVESTMENTS IN PROGRESS56.4%Regular InstructionCOME FROM? 11%$8,984,935 Total Capital$3,691,557for Collge Jeanne-Sauv 20.3%Student Support ServicesLRSD spends 83 cents ofEducationInvestments (a combination of mostlycommons, entrance and studentProperty TaxProvincial and divisional investments, as well as 10.5%Operations and Maintenanceevery dollar on teacherCredit services areaand non-teaching staffingcontributions from the City of Winnipeg, parent 3.9%Instructional & Pupil advisory councils for playground improvements,$834,076for two classroom additions Support Serviceswhile the remaining 17 cents2%and private donors).at cole Guyotis spent on services, supplies, short 2.7%Divisional Administrationterm loan interest, banking charges, andOther $673,607for running track at Victor 2.4%Transportationtransfers to other school divisions. Did you know?Through fundraising efforts,Mager Schoolparent advisory councils contributed more than$348,911for cooling system 1.8%FiscalCONTINUING EDUCATION $150,000 for playground improvements in replacement at Collge Jeanne-Sauv0.3%Adult Learning Centres3,323 Registrations in 2018-20192018-2019.$244,406for air cooling condensing1.1%Community Education 558 Courses offered over three semesters $453,478was invested in outdoorunit replacement at Collge Bliveauand Servicesspaces in 2018-2019, including funds from$114,460for an elevator and grooming 0.6%OtherDo It Councillor Brian Mayes. room at Hastings SchoolEmergency Yourself 4% $93,229for daycare in& Safety 6% Computers 14% Lavallee SchoolEXPENSES BY FUNCTION78.4%Salaries Language Business & 7% Personal Did you know? 8.7%Services Development LRSD maintains more than 2.5 million 6%Employees Benefits Continuing 6% square feet of buildings and learning & Allowances Education space across the division.4.6%Supplies, Materials Artistic &RegistrationsCreative by topic Fitness 20% TRANSPORTATION& Minor Equipment 23%2.2%Transfers $417,813for three new buses.0.1%Short-term Loan Interest Dance 1%& Bank Charges Home & Lifestyle & Leisure 8%Garden 3% Cooking 8%Photo by:12 Kay Wojnarski * all Bricks & Mortar numbers are 13unaudited at time of print.'