b'The BC school district has expressedReconciliationinterest in pursuing this annually and developing a reciprocal LRSD Indigenous relationship with return visits toin ActionWinnipeg, to continue building the relationship between the two divisions. LRSD youth leadership has also established a in Haida Gwaiirelationship with Chief experiencing aMatthews Community traditional totempole carving. School, which is inIn February, an historic professional Masset First Nationslearning partnership known as Anisinineew Community. Weentamaakewin, or People Sharing Information happened between educators from LRSD and St. Theresa Point, an Oji-Cree First Nation in northern Manitoba.The first ever partnership between a First Nations people and a school division is what reconciliation looks like. said Tanya McDougall, Principal of St. Theresa Early Years School.Workshops and conversations throughout the three days brought educators together to share ideas about a wide variety of topics such as Treaty Education, classroom practices and storytelling. There were also discussions about traditional medicine, the role of elders, spiritual awareness and community wellness.I discovered new opportunities to buildLRSD and St. Theresa Point While we went on one trip together, Indigenous perspectives into math and sciencestudents connected over the classrooms, said Katlyn Paslawski, a teacher fromcreation and teachings related to traditional drumming.Windsor Park Collegiate who was a part of the I saw seven incredibleindividual journeysthree-day conference. and stories unfold for the young Another conference attendee, Norm FroemelAt these gatherings, Nika Martinussen, Kelsey from J.H. Bruns Collegiate, said he was inspired to incorporate more land-based education into highMcLeod, and Lianne Adair, three learners from women with us. said Kapilik. school outdoor education classes. J.H. Bruns Collegiate, who were key in getting the initiative off the ground, connected with community The groundwork for this opportunity beganleader, Strini Reddy. In conversations with Mr. Reddy, back in September 2018 when St. Theresa Pointlearners asked if he could help form a partnership and LRSD joined paths in a shared journey ofbetween J.H. Bruns Collegiate and a northern reconciliation. The idea originated from theIndigenous community such as St. Theresa Point conversations and relationships developed atwho were also looking for a Winnipeg school to Breaking Barriers Building Bridges, a programpartner with.facilitated by the Community Education Development Association, designed to bring youth from across Winnipeg to become leaders in I discovered new opportunities combatting racism.to build Indigenous perspectives into math and science classrooms, said Paslawski.46 47'