b'INV E S T M E N T SIN LRSDINFRASTRUCTURE$1,433,749 $1,237,522Lavallee School: DaycareGlenwood School: Steam System Replacement$933,011 $318,906 Victor Mager School: Roof Replacement cole Guyot: Multi-Purpose Room$236,830 $162,755Dakota Collegiate: Tennis Courts Highbury School: Grooming Room$114,209 $108,110 Nelson McIntyre: Food Lab RenovationsIsland Lakes Community School: PlaygroundLRSD also announced three multi-year capital projects in LRSD as part of the Manitoba Governments Budget 2020 commitment:MARION SCHOOL COLLGE JEANNE-SAUVThe renewal and renovation of Marion School will includeThis major addition project at Collge Jeanne-Sauv includesthe improvement of the building envelope and windows a two-storey, 16-room expansion with an elevator, a new science as well as accessibility upgrades such as the addition lab, and a fitness facility and storage room addition to the of an elevator and modifications to the current entrance. gymnasium. It also includes a new teacher collaboration space, The proposed project is estimated to cost $3.5 million withan expanded music space, and student breakout spaces. This construction expected to commence in the summer of$10.1 million expansion is set to begin in the 2021-2022 school 2022, subject to provincial budget approvals. year, subject to provincial budget approvals. A NEW SCHOOL IN SAGE CREEKAmong seven land acquisition projects announced bythe Manitoba Government in Jan. 2021, a kindergartenDID YOU KNOW?to Grade 8 school in the Sage Creek neighbourhood wasLRSD maintains more than 2.5 million square feet of identified as one of the future school sites in LRSD. buildings and learning space across the division. The project is planned to be completed within a timeframe of six to 24 months following the award of tenders andstart of construction. 17'