b'PLANNI NG F O RTHE F U T U R EB E L O N G I N GIn 2019, the LRSD community engaged in a series of conversations about visioning for our future. The themes that emerged informed our renewed Vision and Mission and helped illuminate four strategic priorities that frame the Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) for 2019-2023. Moreover, the collective aspirations of our community as well as a multitude of conversations inspired our efforts to identify meaningful and measurable strategic goals for each priority. There are desired outcomes detailed in each strategic goal that we will use to inform and guide our collective efforts as we move forward. We feel confident that the four-year journey our MYSP is taking us on will result in a thriving and flourishing future that every student, staff and community member can celebrate. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES FOR 2019-2023Our four strategic priorities parallel the quadrants of the Circle of Courage, an Indigenous inspired whole-learner framework for a holistic learning journey that incorporates concepts of Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity. These values are consistent with the landmark study by Stanley Coopersmith who identified these four foundations of self-worth.Creating a Culture of Caring and CollaborationGENEROSITYQUADRANT4Creating a Culture of InquiryCreating a Culture of Equity and Responsibility 3 1 and InclusionINDEPENDENCE BELONGING QUADRANT 2 QUADRANTCreating a Culture of Learning and Well-BecomingMASTERYQUADRANT20'