b'E D I S T U OG N I G N I CLASSROOMThe ever-changing circumstancescaused by the pandemic encouraged dynamic solutions during the 2020-2021 school year. One ofthose solutions wasan increased focus on teaching and learning outdoors. In schools across the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD), teachers found innovative ways to bring their classrooms outside. At Dakota Collegiate, students hit the trails and learned about E H Tactive transportation with the addition of fat bikes to the schools repertoire. In the Lifeworks class at Glenlawn Collegiate, students ventured into their community to rake leaves for those in need. At Collge Bliveau, the introduction of more outdoor physical education classes increased participation and engagement among students. It seemed that once you took away the four walls of the gym, students were less intimidated which increased the level of participation, said Chantal Freynet-Hawthorn, physical education teacher at Collge Bliveau. We will definitely be utilizing our outdoor spaces more often. We were hesitant at the beginning and had to be really creative, but we also learned a lot as teachers from this experience. BRAs the cold Winnipeg winter began to settle in, some schools did not have access to their gym or other suitable spaces for physical education classes due to physical distancing requirements. To remedy this, the division rented outdoor tents from Weatherwise Tent Rentals to provide shelter from the cold and wind. cole Sage Creek School, cole St. Germain and cole Van Belleghem all partook in the tent classroom pilot throughout the winter months.46'