b'Many of the NISW programs newcomer clients have limited or no access to social and professional networks. As a result, the program creates connections with community service providers and institutions that support newcomer families. The team works in close collaboration with local organizations, including EDGE Skills Centre, Accueil Francophone, Mount Carmel Clinic, and Frontier College, to better serve the needs of its clients.The NISW program offers its services in both English and French, as well as several other languages. The team collaborates with LRSD school administrators and teachers to provide additional support with school registration, in-person school meetings and other resources that may be needed by newcomer families. It also offers youth programs that help children make new friends, improve their English language skills and learn about living in Canada. COVID-19Following all current public health guidelines, the NISW program maintained its commitment to the community through a mix of remote and in-person services throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Orientation, case management and support for permanent residents were completed primarily by phone. Despite the challenges of navigating the pandemic, the team was able to mobilize supports, make appropriate referrals to resources and liaise with service providers and government agencies. Due to COVID-19 and the limitations on providing in-person services for families, the team transitioned to an online service delivery model, providing virtual programs and support for clients. Working with clients in a virtual environment was a new endeavor for the team, but it provided an opportunity to reach clients who dont usually attend in-person programs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the NISW team offered eight virtual programs and engaged clients from more than 15 nationalities. For many newcomers, the virtual programs offeredNISW team members Iftu Ibrahim, are their primary form of socialization, communication andMarcel Lembissa and Yana Zhelevasettlement in Canada.CO-AUTHORED BYTim MacKay, Director of International Student Programand Newcomer Services, and the NISW Team49'