b'Bringing in different perspectives, broadeningand deepening our students understanding ofthe world is our way of fighting racism. SHARAD SRIVASTAVA Principal at cole Henri-BergeronCOLE HENRI-BERGERON early programming for youth, and the process of reportingStaff and students at cole Henri-Bergeron worked onracism and hate crimes.combatting racism throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Becoming anti-racist results from a conscious decision toThey integrated the principles of the Circle of Couragemake consistent and equitable choices daily. The goals ofin Celebration of Learning reflections in which studentsequity and inclusion outlined in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan contemplated their role in their classroom, the school and (MYSP) continue to guide us as we work toward reducing their individual work. These reflections also informed the inequalities and discrimination within our community andgoals many students developed for third term. strive for long-term transformation.Additionally, students learned about Viola Desmond and other civil rights leaders. The grade 7/8 classes spoke with a Winnipegger who was born in Africa about her experiences with war and healing, and what life in Canada has been like for her. A number of classrooms worked with Cameroon artoonist Issa Nyphaga for murals on cartoon art and African drumming. Bringing in different perspectives, broadening and deepening our students understanding of the world is our way of fighting racism, said Sharad Srivastava, principal at cole Henri-Bergeron.COLLGE JEANNE-SAUVEquity, self-awareness and belonging inform the teaching and learning that is embedded in the inclusive fabric of Collge Jeanne-Sauv (CJS). Recognizing and participating in activities during Black History Month, daily practices such as the sharingof the schools land acknowledgement, as well as building a diverse collection of resources to support classroom learning and discussions that represent the many learners in the school, help the collective growth and understanding of students and staff in the CJS community.On March 19, six CJS students had the opportunity to participate in the State of the City High School Program with a focus on anti-racism. These grade 9 to 11 students engaged in facilitated sessions to understand what a world without racism looks like,To consolidate learning and celebrate diversity, how we can get there, and how anti-racism can exist in theirclassrooms at Dr. D.W. Penner School co-created a bulletin everyday lives. In the afternoon, groups then shared their ideasboard with a hand print belonging to each student.with Mayor Brian Bowman including not being a bystander,39'