b'MESSAGEF ROMTHE C H AIRThis year was marked by much change and disruption.Through our work together, we are living our collective vision Together, we were faced with unfamiliar circumstances andand mission statement. Our Vision is for all members of our unchartered experiences in education due to an unprecedentedcommunity to excel as caring, confident, capable, and resilient global pandemic. Throughout this time, keeping sight of ourlife-long learners who contribute to a democratic and sustainable students needs remained the highest priority for the Board ofworld. Our Mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging Trustees and all staff in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD).environment, where personal and collective learning are valued, Although it was a year unlike any other, we are pleased to shareand each one of us reaches our full potential. highlights and progress on our Multi-Year Strategic Plan in the 2021 Annual Report to our Community. I am fiercely proud of how we have continued to move forward and do our very best for every student in LRSD. It is a true Despite the challenges, we are extremely grateful and proudprivilege to serve as Board Chair during these times. Together we of the professionalism, dedication and resilience LRSD staffhave done our best and learned new ways to have meaningful showed in supporting students and one another. We would consultations and meetings. The 2020-21 Annual Report to the like to thank all students and families for their patience,Community shows progress and promise. I invite you to spend flexibility and understanding as we navigated these uncertaintime immersing yourself in this report. THIS IS YOUR LRSD!times together. The past year clearly demonstrated that LOUISE JOHNSTONwhen we work together in support of students, we can foster engaged and innovative learning where everyone achieves success and well-being.06'