b'BOARDOF TRUSTEESThe Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is governed by a nine-person Board ofTrustees elected every four years by the LRSD community. The board advocates for, and is accountable to, the LRSD community on matters ofpublic education throughout the division. Elections are held in conjunction with the Winnipeg Civic Election and are run on behalf of metro school divisions by the City of Winnipeg. To see how the division is divided into Wards and to find out which Ward you live in, please visit our website at www.lrsd.net and click on the School Board heading. WARD ONE:Louise JohnstonCindy Turner Chair(204) 294-3047 (204) 612-7121WARD TWO:Chris SigurdsonRobert Page (204) 230-4601(204) 541-1303 WARD THREE:Sandy NemethNeil VadeboncoeurJosie Landry (204) 230-6475(204) 254-7636(204) 292-4661 WARD FOUR:Tom ParkerPamela Kolochuk (204) 298-9249Vice-Chair(204) 297-5339 07'