b'MESSAGEFROM THESUPERINTENDENTThe 2020-2021 school year began like noneDivision (LRSD) will continue to be a community of 40 schools other. Since the moment students and staffwith a shared history, culture and future. stepped into schools in September, they wereIn 2022, LRSD will celebrate its 20-year anniversary. Just met with a new normal that included twotwo short decades ago, the former St. Boniface and St. Vital School Divisions amalgamated into the thriving and flourishing metres ofphysical distancing, cohorts, masks,community we know today. Those legacy divisions are and more. Our community was faced with ansymbolized in our logo; two flames ignited to a path towardextraordinary amount ofuncertainty, and yet,a bright future.through it all, we were still able to lean intoBuilding a culture and community does not happen overnight, the future and continue the journey towardthough. The journey to where we are today has required a collective effort and commitment. It has required genuine achieving the goals outlined in our Multi-Yeardialogue backed by action. And although the culmination of Strategic Plan (MYSP). 20 years of work has led to progress and innovation, there is still work ahead as we continue to cultivate and nurture an Evidence of that resilience and optimism is highlightedexceptional learning and teaching environment for all. throughout the following pages of our Annual Report to theAs our MYSP makes clear, each one of us plays a vital role in Community (ARC). The stories showcase the kindness andsupporting our growing divisional community of more than incredible collective effort of students, staff and families15,400 learners and 2,200 staff. Despite the uncertainty of who were instrumental in helping us continue to thrive underwhat the future holds, Im confident the LRSD community will challenging circumstances. remain committed to doing the important work necessary for We also faced uncertainty with the announcement of Bill 64:positive and lasting change.The Education Modernization Act and its Four-Pillar Strategy. No CHRISTIAN MICHALIKmatter the outcome of this ill-conceived, once-in-a-generation change to Manitobas education system, the Louis Riel School 08'