b'The students feedback was foundational in the rapid The LFHS community embraced the unique circumstances the creation and launch of the LRSD Learning from Home pandemic presented and worked together to create a sense School (LFHS)/Lcole Apprendre-chez-soi for students in of belonging within their classrooms, providing authentic and kindergarten to Grade 12 (English Program) and Grades engaging learning experiences that inspired students with voice 1 to 12 (French Immersion Program) in September 2020. and choice. With the lessons learned from the spring, we knew we hadto make the learning from home experience as similar to Both of my children had a very rewarding year; learning in-school learning as possible, said Darcy Cormack, Divisionalindependence, using new formats and being able to get supports Principal. Our goal was to build relationships and communitywhen needed, said Alexis Sexton, mother of two students who with students while offering robust programming that followsattended the LFHS. One of my children follows an Individual the Manitoba curriculum.Education Plan and she has seen remarkable improvements. We attribute this to her not having the normal classroom distractions, What was once a meeting space at the divisions board officethe freedom to take movement breaks as required and the was quickly transformed into a bustling hub of collaboration forfantastic support she has had from all of her teachers. teachers and staff supporting more than 900 students learning from home due to a medical condition or whose parents/ Following the successful development of the LFHS, the division guardians elected the option. A glimpse into the LFHS didwas called on by Manitoba Education to join other leaders in not look much different than what you would see in a typicaldistance learning and inform the planning of the Manitoba classroom, with whiteboards, bookshelves, and school suppliesRemote Learning Support Centre. The division will continue filling the room. The obvious difference was a lack of students inits journey with learning from home by offering online French physical attendance, but their voices and laughs could be heardImmersion programming to students in grades 9 to 12 from as you stepped closer to each teachers workstation. across the province in the 2021-2022 school year.Students joined their teachers and classmates from across the division using Microsoft Teams and other programs to participate in live-streamed (synchronous) and pre-recorded (asynchronous) learning. The small but mighty teaching team was comprised of passionate and innovative individuals, many of whom were reassigned from their previous roles as coordinators, teacher-librarians, members of The LearningOur goal was to build relationships and Team or teachers in brick-and-mortar schools. Students werecommunity with students while offering also supported by Instructional Interns.robust programming that follows theStudents worked incredibly hard this year and consistentlyManitoba curriculum.demonstrated resilience, flexibility, and adaptability as we navigated the challenges together, said Thaddeus Bourassa, DARCY CORMACKGrade 6 teacher at the LFHS. I am incredibly proud of theDivisional PrincipalLRSDs thoughtful response to establish the Learning from Home School. What has been accomplished as a team this year is truly remarkable. 27'