b'Seeing my People and our ways of knowing and being capturedAs an Indigenous educator and Indigenous parent, there arent in this game and having our traditions and culture told in a gooda lot of resources that show our people, culture and practices way makes me very proud, said Chickadee Richard, a memberin a respectful waybut this game changes that, said Bobbie-of the LRSD ICGG and a key contributor to the project. I am oneJo Leclair, Divisional Vice-Principal of Indigenous Education of the non-player characters (NPC) in the game who studentsand Inter-Cultural Understanding and one of the NPCs in will speak to for information that will help them explore andManito Ahbee Aki. Not only will this game inspire and engage understand the Anishinaabe world weve built for them. This isIndigenous students who dont see themselves reflected in the first-time students will be able to interact with an authenticgames, but it also provides an opportunity for all people to learn representation of our Peoples\' history and way of life.how Anishinaabe people respected the earth and all living things. Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platformSince its launch, Manito Ahbee Aki has been used in classrooms that helps build key 21st century skills such as coding andthroughout LRSD and across the world to teach students about creative problem solving, which is why several teachers in LRSDIndigenous Peoples and their history.use the platform as a way to help students explore learning on a variety of topics. Christopher Heidebrecht, teacher at Minnetonka School, and Mark Lesiuk, teacher at Highbury School, were co-developers of the game and beta tested Manito Ahbee Aki alongside their grade 5/6 students.Not only will this game inspire and "The team has worked incredibly hard to create a game that hasengage Indigenous students who dont many entry points for teachers and students," said Heidebrecht. "It can be the basis for an entire unit, a whole month or two ofsee themselves reflected in games,study, or it could be completed in an afternoon. There are also a ton of extension activities and resources to support teachersbut it also provides an opportunity for all however they choose to use the game." people to learn how Anishinaabe people The Anishinaabe digital world includes flora, fauna and locationsrespected the earth and all living things.from Manitoba that were specially created for this world and did not exist in any other Minecraft property. The non-playerBOBBIE-JO LECLAIRcharacters (NPC) in the game are also unique and are modelledDivisional Vice-Principal of Indigenous Educationafter Grandmother Chickadee, two LRSD staff and threeand Inter-Cultural UnderstandingAnishinaabe Knowledge Keepers from Manitoba. Chickadee Richard and Diane Maytwayashing, Knowledge Keeper, during a Manito Ahbee Aki consultation session.25'