b'HT IG L H S LA F A AS ADATThe Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is committed to using data for progress monitoring and decision making. Data involves a growth mindset and a solid grounding in data ethics as much as it involves proper tools and processes. In line with goal 3.2 of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP), LRSDs Data Literacy Initiative was originally launched in the 2019-2020 school year. After a pause due to the pandemic, this important initiative was officially restarted in January 2021.When we talk about data literacy in LRSD, we are referring to our MYSPs focus on creating a culture of inquiry and responsibility that has all learners demonstrate the aptitudes, skills and knowledge to be autonomous and confident in their innate ability to achieve goals and become life-long learners. It is a culture NG SI Uwhere all parents/guardians demonstrate support for the MYSP and contribute to a culture of inquiry and responsibility in their schools. Staff create and nurture this culture by demonstrating they are members of on-going cycles of collaborative evidence-informed inquiry to improve practices and systems. This important initiative involves four commitments. On behalfof the students and communities we serve, we strive to be: 1. Data informed2. Data ready3. Data literate4. Ethical data stewards40'