b'M A N IT OA HB E EAK IIn February 2021, Microsoft Canada, Minecraft: Education Edition and theLouis Riel School Division (LRSD) announced the completion ofManito Ahbee Aki,the first Minecraft teaching resource in the world that honours, celebrates and exploresa Manitoba Anishinaabe community. Players in Manito Ahbee Aki, which translates to the place whereTo create an authentic experience, members of the LRSDthe Creator sits in English, are transported to Manito Ahbee,Indigenous Council of Grandmothers and Grandfathers (ICGG),a site located in Manitobas western Whiteshell area, beforealong with Frank Deer, LRSD Scholar in Residence, and European contact in North America.Knowledge Keepers from the Manitoba Anishinaabe community, guided and informed the development of the project. After 14 In the true spirit and intent of the Truth and Reconciliationmonths of development with stakeholders located in Canada, Commission Calls to Action, this project gives students inthe United States and Australia, Manito Ahbee Aki allows players our schools and around the world an opportunity to learn andto explore a fun and interactive world while gaining insight into develop a deeper understanding about an Indigenous nation inIndigenous teachings and perspectives.Canada, said Christian Michalik, LRSD Superintendent.24'