b'SENIORLEADERSHIP TEA MThe Senior Leadership Team (SLT) works with managers and coordinators at the divisional level, along with principals and vice-principals, to undertake the work ofthe Louis Riel School Division (LRSD).MISSION VISIONThe central focus of the SLT is to nurture learning and well- The SLTs vision for LRSD is one in which every person is cared becoming in LRSD by cultivating the conditions for impactfulfor morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally on collective practice in all LRSD schools. their journey of learning and well-becoming.Christian MichalikLisa Aitken Superintendent & CEOAssistant Superintendent, Staff Services Glenlawn Collegiate Family of Schools Jeff Anderson Marna KennyAssistant Superintendent, Instructional Services Secretary-Treasurer & CFOCollge Bliveau, Collge Jeanne-Sauv and Windsor Park Collegiate Family of Schools Marlene MurrayHenri Peloquin *Assistant Superintendent, Student ServicesAssistant Superintendent, Instructional Services Dakota Collegiate, J.H. Bruns Collegiate andCollge Bliveau, Collge Jeanne-Sauv and Nelson McIntyre Collegiate Family of SchoolsWindsor Park Collegiate Family of Schools *retired May 2021What we do is more important than whatwe say or what we say we believe. bell hooks09'