b'Photo taken during a sewing class before the pandemic.SUPPORTINGNEWCOMERSThe Neighbourhood Immigrant SettlementNewcomer permanent residents often seek support in: Worker (NISW) program has been in theGaining informationLouis Riel School Division (LRSD) sinceon healthcare services2012, and is supported through a funding agreement with Immigrants, Refugees, Finding employmentand Citizenship Canada.opportunitiesThe NISW program helps permanent resident newcomer andPreparing forrefugee families throughout LRSD with their transition to life the workforcein Canada.One of the main functions of the NISW team is to meet with newFinding availablepermanent residents and, through a needs assessment process, collaborate to create a settlement plan to support their goals. Theand suitable housing personal background and histories of clients are widely different and each ones experience on arrival is unique. The NISWAccessing educationteam seeks to build trusting and respectful relationships with newcomer families and create programs based on their needs.and job training The plan may include making referrals to appropriate agencies and community supports.Learning about community programs and services 48'