b'HITTING ALLTHE RIGHTNOTES A pilot project with Soundtrap, an online music creation program under theparent company Spotify, took flight in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) during the 2020-2021 school year. Warren Hart, teacher at the Learning from Home School (LFHS), Melissa Burns, music specialist at Archwood School, and Ingrid Pedersen, Coordinator ofArts Education, championed the project. Hart and Pedersen approached Soundtrap in December 2020known as the Cairo Bros, two brothers from different classes at to see what the platform could offer students and educatorsthe LFHS, created original songs and working collaboratively on in LRSD. After an initial trial with Harts students, the pilot wasmusical compositions. I like that you can create anything, said expanded to all schools in the division, with Soundtrap providingKristopher, a grade 6 student and one half of the Cairo Bros. It professional learning opportunities, training sessions, licensing,is very easy to use, you get to work with other people, and its online resources, certification courses and lesson plans. fun! Burns used the program with her students in grades 3 to8. In one assignment, grade 7 and 8 students were given theIts not so much about the rules of music, but celebrating whataudio file from Amanda Gormans performance of The Hill We sounds good to you, and creating musical expressions withoutClimb and were asked to create a music setting to accentuateany limitations, said Hart. By discovering what sounds good,the performance and highlight their personal interpretation ofstudents learn many music-theory concepts. A musical groupthe poem.32'